Introducing the FPT F34 Industrial Power Unit (IPU), a compact marvel delivering performance in a streamlined design. Boasting an impressive 90kW power output at 2200rpm, equivalent to 121 horsepower, this power unit redefines the landscape of industrial engines.

Engineered for excellence, the F34 operates at Stage 4 – Tier 4B emissions levels, embodying a commitment to environmentally responsible performance. The turbocharged aftercooled air charging system ensures optimal efficiency, making it a standout choice for applications demanding both power and eco-conscious operation.

Beyond its formidable capabilities, the FPT F34 is designed for practicality. With low running costs and easy maintenance, this power unit ensures a balance between high performance and operational convenience. Elevate your industrial operations with the FPT F34 IPU—a compact powerhouse that doesn’t compromise on power, efficiency, or ease of use.

  • Key Features
  • Stage IV - Tier 4 Final
  • 3.4L Displacement
  • Max Power: 121 Hp @ 2200rpm
  • 315kg Dry Weight