Meet the versatile Stage V FPT N67 G-Drive engine, tailored to meet your specific power requirements. Available in two different ratings, choose between 230kW and 175kW @ 1800rpm to suit your operational needs. With a 6.7-liter displacement, this engine delivers a perfect blend of efficiency and performance.

The turbocharged aftercooled air changing system ensures optimal air intake for enhanced combustion, maximizing power output. Crafted with an in-line 6-cylinder design, the FPT N67 G-Drive engine is a powerhouse designed to deliver reliability and efficiency across diverse applications, making it the ideal choice for your industrial needs.

Designed for efficiency, the N67 ensures reduced running costs, making it a wise choice for both power and economy. Smart installation features add an extra layer of convenience, emphasizing FPT’s commitment to user-friendly solutions.

  • Key Features
  • Stage V Emissions Level
  • 230kW @ 1800rpm
  • 175kW @ 1800rpm
  • 6.7L Displacement