Introducing the Stage V FPT F34 G-Drive, an industrial powerhouse that sets a new standard in performance. With a commanding power output of 90kW at 1500rpm, this engine ensures unparalleled strength for a diverse range of applications.

Compliant with Stage V emissions levels at 1500rpm and Tier 4B at 1800rpm, the FPT F34 G-Drive exemplifies environmental responsibility without compromising power. Equipped with an electronic common rail injection system, it leverages cutting-edge technology to precisely control fuel delivery, optimizing efficiency and performance.

This engine is not just a powerhouse; it’s a testament to FPT’s commitment to delivering robust, environmentally conscious solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern industries.

  • Key Features
  • Stage IV - Tier 4 Final
  • Max Torque: 490 Nm @ 1500rpm
  • 3.4L Displacement
  • 315kg Dry Weight