Vessel Make: Conquest 60
Vessel Weight: 34 Tonne
New Engine: FPT Cursor 16
New Engine Power: 1000Hp @ 2300rpm
Vessel Gearbox: Negata 2.5:1 ratio
Vessel Cruise Speed: 12kn @ 1700rpm
Vessel Top Speed: 19.5kn @ 2300rpm

THT are proud to supply the first FPT Cursor 16 Marine Engine installed in the Southern Hemisphere.
The recipient of this engine is a Conquest 60 Fibreglass Fishing Vessel “Pot Luck”.

Pot Luck is a well built vessel weighing in at an impressive 34 tonne, plus catch. Being used to catch Blue Swimmer Crab within the Spencer Gulf and Gulf St Vincent Fisheries in South Australia.

A repower was conducted due to the previously installed Doosan V222TIL (1000Hp @ 2300rpm) having reached a successful and reliable end to its service life.

Choosing the C16 was simple for a number of reasons:

  • Exactly matched rating of 1000Hp @ 2300rpm
  • Latest technology common rail fuel injection
  • Smaller in dimensions and lighter (however still within 4% light ship vessel weight so as not to trigger any survey reassessments)
  • Able to reuse existing Negata gearbox and existing rear mounts


As a result, the engine room provides significantly more space around the engine giving improved ease for engine serviceability.

Reusing the existing gearbox was a major factor in the ease of installation, as therefore only the front engine mounts needed to be adjusted. Adjustment was minor, as there is very little difference in front mount footprint between the outgoing V222TIL and incoming C16.

Performance was exceptional, with this rather heavy 60ft 24 tonne vessel achieving 19.5knots @ 2300rpm maximum and a cruise of a comfortable 14knots at 1700rpm. The C16 is exceptionally quiet during operation and smooth running, with no vibration being present throughout the rev range.

Fuel consumption improved due to the latest Bosch common rail fuel injection being installed on the engine.

A single 10” exhaust through an inline muffler was used, providing excellent sound reduction to ensure the work environment was pleasant and not too loud, as this engine is required to operate for extended days during fishing trips.

Maintaining 24v engine electrics and reusing existing battery banks kept electrical costs at minimum during this installation. The C16 also has an engine room control box which allows for start/stop operations from within the engine room.

Electrical harnesses to the dash is a single harness, avoiding time consuming and difficult running of harnesses. Pot Luck only required a main control panel with key, with the DELUXE 9” digital touchscreen control panel chosen, which provides thorough detail of all engine parametres including load, instantaneous fuel consumption, exhaust gas temp as well as the usual functions of water temp and oil pressure. The range of FPT panels provide detailed information on any faults which may appear, to ensure they can be isolated and resolved with ease.

The C16 has options for input throttle signal via CANBus, 0.5-4.5V or mechanical potentiometre. Yet another point of the ease of installation, the existing morse cables onboard Pot Luck were retained and connected to the engine without issue. As the Negata gearbox was mechanical gearbox, it was easy to reuse this existing system and save on installation costs.

This C16, being the first in operation in the Southern Hemisphere was supplied with the optional beauty pack, with distinctive fibreglass top and front covers.


Overall an incredibly cost effective and beneficial repower, Pot Luck is back to work and providing reliable service with lower noise and fuel consumption than ever before whilst still maintaining excellent performance for such a large and heavy commercial vessel.

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