The brand new flagship FPT Marine Engine, the Cursor 16 offers class leading performance of a 1000Hp 16 litre engine, in the compact and light package of a 13 litre engine.

The Cursor 16 is controlled through Bosch ECU and Common Rail Fuel Injection. This inline 6 cylinder engine is extremely light, weighing in at only 1,690kg dry. Twin turbocharged and intercooled it has been designed for both pleasure and commercial applications.

The A2/B1 rating suitable for 1000 hours per year operation provides an amazing 1000Hp @ 2300rpm making it suitable for a broad range of commercial duty applications.

The FPT C16 marine engine was recently tested on Lake Como, Italy, where it was uprated to produce over 1,700HP and broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest water speed at 277.5km/h. Therefore at a conservative 1000Hp it will prove to be a very reliable engine.


  • Key Features
  • 1000Hp @ 2300rpm
  • 3750NM @ 1700rpm
  • Inline 6 Cylinder
  • 15.9 Litre Displacement
  • Weight: 1,690kg
  • Common Rail Fuel Injection
  • Twin Turbocharged
  • Intercooled
  • Available Ratings More info
  • 1000Hp @ 2300rpm
  • 1000Hp @ 2300rpm
  • 900Hp @ 2300rpm
  • 815Hp @ 2300rpm
  • 650Hp @ 2300rpm