What To Do Check Primary Fuel Filter
- Check the Supply Fuel Lines

THT specialises in maintaining and servicing marine engines, with a focus on the FPT NEF engine series. The NEF series, including the NEF 4 (4 litre), NEF 6 (5.9 litre), and NEF 6 (6.7 litre), are renowned for their efficiency and reliability. One crucial aspect of maintaining these engines is ensuring the proper functioning of their common rail fuel injection systems.

Fuel Delivery System

The common rail fuel injection system in diesel marine engines plays a vital role in delivering fuel from the tank to the engine and then returning any excess fuel to the tank. This system ensures that the engine receives the precise amount of fuel for optimal performance.


Primary Fuel Filter

Each NEF engine is equipped with a primary fuel filter featuring a line-in and line-out for fuel. This filter is designed to remove impurities and contaminants from the fuel, ensuring that only clean fuel reaches the engine. This filter also includes a primer pump, allowing you to manually pump fuel in case of running out of fuel, ensuring minimal downtime.


Monitoring for Water Contaminations

It is essential to monitor the fuel system regularly to prevent water contamination. Water in the fuel can cause serious damage to the engine and lead to costly repairs. Regular checks and maintenance of the fuel system can help ensure that your boating experiences are always enjoyable and trouble-free. To do this, regularly visually check for any water that is present in the clear bowl of your primary filter, or drain a bit out the bottom bung into a clear container, to then check for any water in the fuel. Remember, water is heavier than diesel, so the water will always sit at the bottom and the diesel on top. 

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