Introducing the Stage V FPT F28 G-Drive, a powerful industrial engine redefining performance standards. With an impressive power output of 55kW at 1500rpm and 1800rpm, this engine is engineered for optimal efficiency and reliability.

The turbocharged after-cooled air-changing system ensures a continuous and robust power supply, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Featuring an in-line 4-cylinder configuration and an electronic common rail injection system, the FPT F28 G-Drive embodies cutting-edge technology for precise fuel delivery and enhanced performance. Compliant with Stage V emission levels, this engine not only delivers exceptional power but does so with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

It’s a powerhouse designed to meet the demands of modern industries while prioritizing efficiency, reliability, and adherence to stringent emission standards.

  • Key Features
  • Stage V Emissions Level
  • Max Torque: 260 Nm @ 1800rpm
  • Engine Rating: 55kW @ 1800rpm
  • 290kg Dry Weight