The FPT Cursor 13 Industrial Power Unit (IPU)—an industrial juggernaut boasting an impressive 407kW (554 horsepower) output. With a robust 12.9-liter displacement, this power unit is engineered for reliability and exceptional performance in heavy-duty applications.

Designed for utmost convenience, the Cursor 13 features a smart installation system, ensuring seamless integration into various setups. The common rail injection system enhances fuel efficiency and precision, making it a top choice for demanding industrial requirements.

In heavy-duty applications where power is paramount, the Cursor 13 stands tall, providing reliable and consistent performance. As part of the Cursor series, all power units are meticulously crafted for highly efficient power output, solidifying their reputation as industry leaders.

Elevate your industrial capabilities with the FPT Cursor 13—a powerhouse that embodies strength, efficiency, and dependability for heavy-duty applications.

  • Key Features
  • Stage V - Tier 4 Final Emissions Level
  • Max Torque: 2400 Nm @ 1400rpm
  • Max Power: 554 Hp @ 2100rpm
  • 12.9L Displacement