Available in connection with any Flexball Control system, the Flexball Wireless Remote offers an easy way have full control of your vessel without needing to be at a throttle station.

The Flexball Wireless Remote is fantastic if you need to move around the vessel and also control it’s movements, perfect for any close quarters movements or particularly docking. If you are light on crew and want to be able to move around the vessel and throw/retrieve ropes simultaneously will help you out immensely.

3F refers to 3x functions:

  • Port Gearbox Control
  • Starboard Gearbox Control
  • 1x Bow or Stern Thruster Control
    • Either On/Off or proportional functionality

This allows you with ease to select the gearboxes in and out of gears, as well as move 1x available thruster.

This system is an additional component to any Flexball 4500 Throttle System.

Emergency E-Stop on the top of the remote allows for maximum safety.