Introducing the Coelmo FDTVN67P5, a powerhouse industrial generator designed to redefine performance standards. With an impressive 200kVA output, this generator sets the bar high for high-capacity energy solutions.

Equipped with a soundproof canopy of the highest quality, the NK6 model ensures a quieter operation, making it ideal for applications where noise reduction is essential. The manual control panel, QMA3, provides a seamless command over the generator’s functions, allowing for user-friendly operation.

Powered by the robust Italian manufacturer – FPT, this generator ensures not only reliable performance but also efficient energy conversion. The water cooling system further enhances its efficiency, making the Coelmo FDTVN67P5 a top-tier solution for industrial power needs. This generator isn’t just about power; it’s a sophisticated energy solution designed for reliability, ease of use, and reduced environmental impact.

  • Key Features
  • Stage V Emissions level
  • 400/230 V + N Voltage
  • 120L Fuel Tank
  • 1992 m3/h Exhaust Gas Flow
  • 21 L/h fuel consumption