Introducing the Coelmo FDTVF36P3, this industrial generator is engineered to redefine power and efficiency. With an impressive power output of 80kVA, this generator stands as a testament to cutting-edge design and performance.

Equipped with a potent 9.6 liters per hour fuel consumption, the FDTVF36P3 strikes the perfect balance between power and economy. Its efficient operation ensures not only high-performance capabilities but also cost-effective energy usage.

The generator’s 634 m3/h exhaust gas flow underscores its commitment to environmental responsibility, efficiently managing emissions while delivering consistent power. Whether for prime power or standby applications, the Coelmo FDTVF36P3 is a powerhouse designed to meet the diverse needs of industrial operations. With its superior specifications, this generator ensures reliability, efficiency, and eco-conscious performance in every application.

The Coelmo FDTVF36P3 is a water-cooled four-stroke diesel engine that is employed, ensuring optimal performance under diverse site conditions. The efficient cooling system contributes to its excellent functionality. Additionally, a low electric power-to-displacement ratio is maintained, ensuring the availability of full power when needed.

  • Key Features
  • Stage V Emissions level
  • 400/230 V + N Voltage
  • 50L Fuel Tank
  • 634 m3/h Exhaust Gas Flow
  • 9.6L/h fuel consumption