The Coelmo FDTVF36P1 is a cutting-edge industrial generator designed to redefine power standards. Boasting an impressive 100kVA output, this generator is driven by a high-performance FPT engine, ensuring reliability and efficiency in every operation.

Aligned with the latest in emission standards, the FDTVF36P1 proudly complies with Stage 5 regulations, emphasizing its commitment to environmental responsibility.

Equipped with an on-board control panel, this generator provides user-friendly access to essential functions, putting commands at your fingertips. Additionally, the low-pressure oil thrust meter ensures efficient monitoring and maintenance, contributing to the generator’s overall longevity and optimal performance. The Coelmo FDTVF36P1 is not just a generator; it’s a powerhouse designed for reliability, environmental consciousness, and user convenience.

  • Key Features
  • Stage V Emissions level
  • 400/230 V + N Voltage
  • 50L Fuel Tank
  • Three Phase
  • 14.1L/h fuel consumption