Introducing the Coelmo FDTVF34P1, an industrial powerhouse engineered for the future. This robust generator is at the forefront of environmental consciousness, boasting Stage 5 emissions compliance to minimise its ecological footprint.

With a formidable power output of 60kVA, the FDTVF34P1 is driven by the renowned FPT engine, synonymous with reliability and performance. Its 3400cc displacement ensures an optimal balance of power and efficiency, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of industrial applications.

Designed to meet the most stringent emission standards, this generator not only delivers exceptional power but does so with a commitment to sustainability. Whether for prime power or standby applications, the Coelmo FDTVF34P1 sets the bar high in the industrial generator landscape, ensuring reliable performance while staying environmentally conscious.

Constructed from zinc-plated steel and coated with epoxy powder, these panels boast a minimum protection grade of IP30 (additional protection available upon request). They are effectively shielded from the vibrations generated by the Generating Set through isolating blocks.

Ensuring electrical protection for the Coelmo Generating Set, a magneto-thermal 3-pole circuit breaker (4-pole available upon request) is incorporated.

For added versatility, a variety of accessories can be seamlessly integrated into the Manual Control Panel upon the end user’s request, tailoring the setup to specific needs.

  • Key Features
  • Stage V Emissions level
  • 400/230 V + N Voltage
  • 120L Fuel Tank
  • 782m3/h Exhaust Gas Flow
  • 7.8L/h fuel consumption