Vessell: Westcoaster 50
Old Engine: Detroit 8V92 650Hp
New Engine: FPT Cursor 13 - 750Hp @ 2400rpm
Gearbox: Twin Disc MG5114 - 2.00:1 Ratio
Vessel Cruise Speed: 19 knots @ 1950rpm
Vessel Top Speed: 25 knots @ 2400rpm
Electronic Controls: Flexball EM13

The Westcoaster hull, though not produced for many a decade, is still one of the best commercial hulls operating in Australian waters. So when an opportunity comes up to purchase a good hull in need of a refit, you know you cannot go wrong. That is exactly what this client did!

Previously known as Glenco Lass, now Caprice, this Westcoaster 50 was powered by a Detroit 8V92 providing 650Hp of 2 stroke power, however it was definitely a tired engine in need of replacement. The best option was the FPT Cursor 13 set at A2 rating of 750Hp @ 2400rpm which allows for light commercial use up to 1,000 hours per year. Perfect for crayfishing operations!

The existing gearbox behind the 8V92 was a Twin Disc MG5114 in a 2:1 ratio. Because both the Detroit and the FPT use SAE1 bellhousings and a 14” flywheel, the existing gearbox was able to be reused. THT had the gearbox sent for pressure testing, the input and output seals replaced and then painted to match the Cursor 13, to ensure it was in good condition prior to continuing it’s second life. The Westcoaster have a very deep keel, and the gearboxes sit very low. The MG5114 is quite a small gearbox for it’s horsepower rating, so being able to reuse it eliminated all potential issues of a larger gearbox casing hitting the inside of the keel. This gearbox squeezes in just nicely!

THT offered the FPT Cursor 13 at 24V electrics, meaning the existing electrical system could be reused, even though the vessel was basically completely rewired! A 10” exhaust system with wet exhaust was added into the vessel, which keeps exhaust back pressures at low limits, but more than that, the owner is amazed at just how quiet this Electronic 13 litre engine is!

At sea trials, the vessel cruised at a very comfortable 18-19 knots at approximately 1950rpm, with a top sprint speed achieved of 25 knots @ 2400rpm.

Rather than use clunky morse cables, new Flexball electronic controls were also supplied. As the Twin Disc gearbox is mechanical actuation, the Flexball system is able to offer electronic CANBus throttle signal all the way to the engine ECU, and then from the actuator box in the engine room, only a short length of morse cable runs to the gearbox actuator. A very simple and effective system which has amazing feel when using any of the 3x throttle control stations fitted on this vessel.

Caprice’s transformation is beyond words and a credit to it’s owner. She will no doubt provide reliable service for many decades to come.

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