Vehicle Scania P420 6x4 Tipper
Problem Difficult to enter and exit gears and slipping
Solution Replaced clutch, flywheel and clutch slave cylinder
All makes and models THT can repair and replace the clutch on all makes and models of trucks

This Scania P420 presented to Tuart Hill Truck Sales with a slipping clutch and difficulty entering and exiting gears. THT assessed the vehicle and firstly checked to see if there was any adjustment available on the existing clutch salve cylinder. It was found that in this instance, the clutch had come to the end of it’s lifespan.

THT then removed the Scania driveshaft and gearbox to allow for access to assess the clutch. The clutch was found to be almost at the rivets, and therefore was correctly diagnosed as requiring replacement. Where care needs to be given, is to ensure the engine flywheel is also in good condition. It is standard practice to have the flywheel machined, to ensure the surface is perfectly uniform and flat so the new clutch will not prematurely wear. It was found that the flywheel in this vehicle has some scoring and minor cracking, which is common, however there was one dramatically deep crack which was of concern to THT. The last thing you would want to do is install a new clutch, only for the flywheel to crack and fail.

THT will always present options to the client, so we gave the client the option of a new genuine flywheel, or a new quality aftermarket flywheel. The client opted for the aftermarket option, so it was flown via air freight ex East to ensure it was available for installation with minimal delay.

The clutch was then installed and also a new clutch slave cylinder installed due to a leak being evident.

The care and attention given to this vehicle during it’s repair with Tuart Hill Trucks will ensure that all clutch related systems are in good working order and the vehicle will be safe to continue work on the road reliably.