Vessel Make: Precision 40
Vessel Weight: 12 Tonne Heavy Ship
Old Engine Cummins 6BTA 250
New Engine: 2 x FPT NEF 400 (N60 ENT M40)
New Engine Power: 400Hp @ 3000rpm
Vessel Gearbox: ZF 85A 2:1
Vessel Cruise Speed: 18kn @ 25000rpm
Fuel Burn: 35lph per engine @ 2500rpm

This beautiful Precision 40 Flybridge Cruiser was suffering from two very tired and underpowered Cummins 6BT engines. Rather than throwing good money after bad to keep them alive, the client opted for two new FPT NEF 400 Marine Engines with new ZF gearboxes to give Texan a new lease on life.


The challenge with Texan was the extremely tight engine room. The NEF 400s fit extremely snuggly and also fit well under the floor height within the vessel.

The important aspect was choosing the right engines and gearboxes to ensure the correct gearbox offset and down angle were chosen to ensure the best fit. The Cummins was previously fitted with Twin Disc MG506 gearboxes, not down angle, which meant the front of the engines were incredibly tight to the underside of the floor. By choosing the ZF 85A in 8-degree down angle, it has allowed the engines to sit a lot more level within the engine room, and allow the best possible access around the engines.


The additional 150Hp per engine has allowed Texan to get up and move with a greatly increased cruise speed. The NEF 400s achieved 3050rpm at sea trial, hence meaning the vessel is underpropped. A bit more propeller pitch will assist to lower the max rpm to 3000rpm, and the vessel will likely pick up a bit more cruise and top speed! The engines ran incredibly smoothly, with no smoke, and burning a very impressive 35 litres per hour per engine at a cruise speed of 18kn @ 2500rpm.


The combination of common rail fuel injection and inline 6 cylinder 5.9 litre engines offers an excellent package of very usable power and torque, whilst minimising engine noise, any exhaust smoke, and ensuring reliability and low fuel consumption.

Provided with the FPT Deluxe Compact Touchscreen Panel ensures all information on the engines is easily and readily accessible.


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