Vessel Make: Marko 60
Vessel Weight: 34 Tonne Heavy Ship
Old Engine 2 x Iveco 8281 SRM 70.12
New Engine: 2 x FPT Cursor 16 1000 (C16 ENT MP100)
New Engine Power: 2 x 815Hp @ 2300rpm
Vessel Gearbox: ZF 350A
Vessel Cruise Speed: 20kn @ 1800rpm
Vessel Top Speed: 26kn @ 2300rpm

The first EVER twin installation of the New FPT Cursor 16 Marine Engines in the Southern Hemisphere!

Great operators, Ocean Eco Adventures, an excellent family business in Exmouth, Western Australia offering Eco-Tourism and Whale Shark Tours were due to repower their vessel, a Mark 60, Latitude 22 with new engines.

The repower aimed to choose quieter engines that produced fewer exhaust emissions for customer experience and were more reliable, better on fuel, increased cruise speed, and longer service intervals.

Quite a long list of requests!

Which engine offered all that? The FPT Cursor 16 did!


The old engines were still incredibly reliable, the Iveco 8281 SRM 70.12 Marines Engines, set to 700Hp @ 2200rpm, however, it was time to repower, the vessel was brought from Exmouth to Perth under its own steam with the 8281 engines.

The aim of the repower was to complete it as cost-effectively as possible and without triggering any required survey changes.


The FPT Cursor 16 Marine engines were chosen because they are smaller in physical size to the 8281, slightly lighter in weight. The compactness of an inline 6-cylinder has offered an incredible increase in engine room space.

The C16 has available horsepower settings at 1000, 900, 750, and 815Hp. The 815Hp setting was chosen to try increase vessel cruise speed. The aim was always 20kn @1800rpm.


The existing ZF 350A gearboxes were in excellent condition and defiantly OK to be reused. They were removed, given a full birthday, as it’s the perfect opportunity, and bolt directly on the C16, as the C16 is SAE 1 bellhousign with 14″ flywheel.

Connections around the C16 are simple. The amin advantage is the single 10 inch exhaust, which allows for a much easier exhaust system installation compared to any engine which is a V arrangement and has twin exhaust pipes. Check out how good the exhaust system looks, not to mention how quiet it is.

Both engines were utilised with live PTO drive off the front harmonic balancer for a range of ancillary services including alternator, deck was, hydraulics and a very clever water maker pump. The C16 front mounts allow an easy point for a front PTO bracket to be fabricated.


The vessel already had a set of Flexball electronic throttle controls, which were also able to be reused, as well as the propeller shafts. The propellers were new to allow for maximisations of the increase in horsepower to pickup additional cruise and top speed.

The Control Panels chosen were the FPT 9″ touchscreen DELUXE panel, for easy monitoring of all engine parametres from both the lower, and flybridge stations.

Performance at sea trials was incredible. At final trial, the vessel proved comfortably capable of achieving the aimed 20 knots @ 1800rpm at 60% load burning 82 litres per hour per engine. St wide open throttle, the vessel achieved 26 knots @ 2310rpm at 94% load burning 145 litres per hour engine.


Once handover the repower was completed, Latitude 22 begun the long cruise from Perth back to Exmouth. Sitting on 1200rpm achieving 10.8kn, burning 21 litres per hour per engine. Which was the best fuel consumption per hour for the trip which has ever been achieved.

Overall a stunning repower. A huge congratulations to Roger and James Small, and their team, who conducted the installation, along with the support of so many local trades.


For more information on the FPT C16, please get in touch.

See the video here.