SIZE 41ft
OLD ENGINE 2x Volvo 70C (270Hp)
NEW ENGINE FPT NEF 370s (370Hp @ 2800rpm)
GEARBOX 2x Twin Disc MG 5061A (2.00:1 ratio)
DRIVE Twin Shaft
MAX SPEED 28 Knots

Following the failure of one Volvo 70C (270Hp) inline 6 cylinder engines in this Randall 41 Mk2 vessel, THT removed the old engines and offered a complete repower package.
THT installed new FPT NEF 370 marine engines and Twin Disc MG5061A gearboxes because fitment was easy and the excellent power to weight ratio of the FPT NEF Marine Engines.
This repower with FPT NEF marine engines has transformed this vessel into an extremely reliable and very quiet pleasure cruiser.
New propellers and shafts were also installed at time of repower to maximise the new engine’s capabilities.
Owner is very happy with his new reliable engines, low fuel consumption and excellent performance.