Vessel Make: Northshore 37
Vessel Weight: 12T
Old Engine: Volo Penta TAMD70C (Horizontal layed)
New Engine: FPT NEF N67 280
New Engine Power: 280HP @ 2800rpm
Vessel Gearbox: Twin Disc MG507A 2.0:1 ratio
Vessel Cruise Speed: 14kn @ 2200rpm
Max Speed: 20kn

Giving a 1980s Northshore 37 vessel a new lease on life with a cost-effective engine repower!

At THT, we recently undertook the challenge of repowering a Northshore 37 vessel named Tempest, a 12-tonne boat built between the 1970s and 1980s. The vessel was previously powered by a Volvo Penta TAMD70C marine engine, which was installed horizontally (THAMD70C), posing a unique challenge due to the low headroom height in the engine room. Following a catastrophic failure of the Volvo Penta engine, the most cost-effective solution was to replace the old engine with a new one.

We installed a new FPT NEF N67 280 marine engine, a mechanically fuel-injected engine known for its simplicity, efficiency, reliability, and low fuel consumption – which perfectly suited the vessel and client’s needs.   Additionally, a Twin Disc MG507A gearbox was fitted with a ratio of 2.0:1 to make sure the engine fitted within the engine deck. The other objective of the client was to ensure the new engine would be reliable and efficient for long trips. Hence, during sea trials, the vessel comfortably cruised at 14 knots at 2200rpm and achieved a maximum speed of 20 knots, proving that the FPT NEF 280 engine is the perfect choice for long-haul journeys.

This repower project demonstrates that no matter how old the vessel is, THT  will assess all engine room parts to ensure cost-effective repower to provide the right solution to meet your needs. We ensure your boat is equipped with the best engines for reliable and efficient performance.


Northshore 37 vessel repower - FPT NEF 280 marine engine
Northshore 37 vessel repower - FPT NEF 280 marine engine
Northshore 37 marine repower - FPT NEF 280
Northshore 37 vessel repower - FPT NEF 280 marine engine