Vessel Make: Fury 32
Vessel Weight: 6T Heavy Ship
Old Engine Iveco 8361 SRM 40
New Engine: FPT NEF 450
New Engine Power: Derated to 350Hp @ 3000rpm
Vessel Gearbox: ZF IRM 220V.1 Remote V-Drive (Reused previous gearbox)
Vessel Cruise Speed: 16kn @ 1800rpm
Fuel Burn: 34lph @ 1800rpm

The Fury 32 is a well-designed family cruiser. For only 32ft it packs a lot of punch and is a very practical vessel.

Blue Yonder II, previously powered with an Iveco 8361 suffered an early failure due to overheating, and the most viable option was repower!

The aim of the repower was to reuse as many components as possible. The choice was the FPT NEF 450, derated to 350Hp @ 3000rpm.

With both engines having the same SAE 3 Bellhousing, all the pre-existing driveline was able to be reused.


The NEF, slightly smaller in dimensions fits very comfortably within the engine room, allowing the deck to remain flush, which is a critical requirement, as the Fury 32 engine room is very low in height. Being a Remote-V driveline, the engine facing rearward, a new exhaust system was fabricated to allow the exhaust gas and water to exit directly toward the stern of the vessel, rather than taking a 180-degree bend. A very clever design to maximise engine room space and reduce back pressure and temperature.


The NEF was supplied with 5” FPT Deluxe Compact Touchscreen panels for both lower saloon and upper flybridge stations, offering excellent information on the engine, including all parameter monitoring and also fuel burn instantaneous, and over the trip.

As the vessel had great morse cables, the NEF potentiometer, which is provided standard, was used to connect the throttle morse cables to save the need for replacing the entire throttle system.


Sea trial, the NEF performed spectacularly! Barely working hard cruising at 16kn @ 1800rpm, burning 34 litres per hour. Blue Yonder II achieved 23kn @ 2500rpm, and still had another 500rpm to go! However the vessel limited our rpm as it began to “chine walk” meaning the vessel lifted too high out of the water and became unstable. We could predict this vessel  could achieve over 30kn @ 3000rpm if the vessel didn’t limit engine performance!


Overall the owner is incredibly happy with the low fuel consumption, low engine noise and the incredible power available from the FPT NEF 450 Marine Engine.


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