Features Sleek Italian Design
- Plug & Play Design
- LED Lighted Indicator Panel
- Polished Stainless Housing
- Optional Trim in Handle Feature

Quality and Reliable Electronic Marine Throttle Controls from Italy.

At THT Power, precision, reliability, and safety in marine systems are paramount. The integration of Flexball marine electric throttle controls embodies our commitment to elevating control mechanisms in marine environments.

This advanced electronic throttle control system was integrated into marine applications to provide seamless operations, safety features, and optimal engine performance.


Features and Benefits:

The Flexball throttle control system showcases a range of features designed to deliver superior functionality and safety in marine settings:

  1. Engine Compatibility: Designed to communicate with various engines and models, and in this case, a Cummins marine engine.
  2. Precision and Customisation: With voltage ranging from 0.5V to 4.5V, this control system enables precise and customisable control of engine power.
  3. Enhanced Safety: Equipped with a smart start interlock and actuator box with features that can prevent the engine from cranking when the engine is in gear, enhancing protocols.
  4. Ease of Operation: Flexibility in throttle lever positioning, available on either the left or right side, customisable to operator preference.
  5. No Maintenance: The actuator box is designed to offer reliable performance without the need for extensive maintenance, ensuring long-term durability and efficiency.

The integration of the Flexball has yielded positive outcomes for marine operations. The features have contributed significantly to the efficiency and peace of mind for our client navigating marine environments. The Flexball throttle control system has established itself as a key component in modern marine applications.

View the video below:

Flexball Throttle Control Setup
Flexball Throttle Control Setup
Flexball Throttle Control Setup
Flexball Throttle Control Setup