Vessel Make: Gavin Mair 36
Vessel Weight: 10.5 Tonne Heavy Ship
Old Engine Volvo TAMD72P
New Engine: FPT NEF 570 EVO (N67ENTMW57)
New Engine Power: 570Hp @ 3000rpm
Vessel Gearbox: ZF IRM280A 2.0:1
Vessel Cruise Speed: 15kn @ 2200rpm
Fuel Burn: 36 LPH @ 2200rpm

A long-distance tourer.

This beautiful Gavin Mair designed 36ft Flybridge Cruiser was in need of a new heart, with the Volvo TAMD72P having failed.

After looking at all options, the FPT NEF 570 EVO was chosen, because it offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio, but more importantly, means for long-range cruising at lower rpm, the engine isn’t stressed or working hard.

The existing gearbox, a ZF IRM280A was able to be reused and unbolted off the back of the Volvo and onto the NEF 570 EVO after a freshen-up. THE IRM280A is a strong box and was able to accept the full A1 rating of 570Hp @ 3000rpm of the new engine.


A very tidy installation, the NEF 570 EVO is very compact in overall dimensions and the sump depth, allowing it to easily fit under the floor in the saloon.


Very smooth and quiet when at sea trial, the owner of True Story loves the economical 36 litres per hour fuel burn at 2200rpm, providing a great 15kn cruise. This will enable the vessel range to increase dramatically compared to the existing Volvo and allow the owner to explore very remote and regional areas with confidence in fuel range.


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