Application: Emulsion Facility
Location: Regional WA
Generator: Coelmo FDTC136
Power: 450kVA Prime @ 1500rpm
Soundproof Canopy: Coelmo CS7
Control Panel: Coelmo QMA3 Manual Start Digital Control Panel
Engine: Fiat Powertrain Technology Cursor 13
Alternator: MeccAlte ECO40-2S4

For heavy power requirements, in a remote location, where reliability is key, Coelmo is the answer.

This client required a generator capable of supplying 450kVA to power an entire emulsion facility. An assessment was made in regard to the overall cost of sourcing power from the grid, however due to the excessive power requirements and the cost involved, the more efficient and price conscious solution was a reliable diesel generator.

The Coelmo FDTC136 industrial diesel generator is all about quality equipment and reliability. Powered by a FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technology) Cursor 13 Turbocharged Intercooled Diesel Engine, and a Meccalte Alternator, only the best quality equipment is used. All components and the generator itself are manufactured in Italy, and THT import directly from the Coelmo factory.

Providing 450kVA, the FDTC136 does so with surprising ease and low fuel consumption, using only approximately 51.8 litres per hour at 50% load and 89.9 litres per hour at 100% load. Coelmo generators come with the option of open sets, or soundproof sets, as supplied for this installation. Options are also available for manual start digital control panels, or ATS automatic start including mechanical interlocks for backup applications, which allow the generator to start automatically as soon as mains power loss is detected.