Vessel Make: Ex Crayfish Vessel
Vessel Weight: 26T Heavy ship
Old Engine Doosan V10 820Hp @ 2300rpm
New Engine: FPT Cursor 1000
New Engine Power: 1000Hp @ 2300rpm
Vessel Gearbox: Twin Disc MG5136A 2:1 Ratio
Vessel Cruise Speed: 16kn @1800rpm
Fuel Burn: 100lph @ 1800rpm

The ultimate remote long distance tourer!


Benny J, an ex crayfishing vessel, 60ft aluminium construction is an excellent, robust and well maintained vessel.

After serving life within the Western Australian cray fishing fleet, Benny J has been extensively refitted to become a long distance tourer, capable of being self sufficient throughout the remote Kimberley Region of North-West, Western Australia.

Previously powered by a Doosan V180TIL, which was serving the vessel well and running well upon refit, however the 820Hp setting could only offer a cruise speed of 12-13kn. Due to the expansive distances which this vessel needs to cover in this remote region, the decision was made to repower with the new FPT Cursor 16 Marine Engine, set to 1000Hp @ 2300rpm.


Installation of the C16 was done in Broome, Western Australia, with all the fabrication work, including front PTO bracket, modified engine feet and exhaust system were mostly completed in Perth and then sent to Broome for installation.


The C16 has been coupled with a new Twin Disc MG5136A gearbox, as opposed to the old IRM350, the 10 degree down angle has brought the engine parallel to the vessel. As you can see in the photos, the advantage of the inline 6 cylinder, as well as the down angle gearbox has brought the engine centre of gravity as low as possible in the vessel, meaning less roll, and allowed the most incredible access all around the engine. For a 16 litre motor, it looks positively tiny in the engine room!


The electronics package provided includes the Flexball 4500-EE11 Throttle control system which is electronic input to both engine and gearbox, and one Flexball throttle station at the helm. The FPT DELUXE 7” control panel was chosen, which provides a huge screen for easy reading of all engine and gearbox parametres, monitoring and alarm checking, as well as instantaneous fuel consumption.


Sea trial went incredibly well, with this 26T semi-displacement vessel with full keel achieving the desired 16kn cruise @ 1800rpm. Whilst at full throttle achieved 22/23kn @ 2300rpm dependant on tide.

Fuel consumption of only 17 litres per hour @ 1200rpm achieving 10.5 knots will allow this vessel to cover a huge distance whilst barely burning any fuel!

The FPT Cursor 16 performed incredibly well and is a perfect match for this vessel. Incredibly quiet during running, and providing very clean burning of fuel, no exhaust smoke is visible thanks to the latest Bosch electronic fuel injection.


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