Embark on a powerful marine journey with our second-hand gem, the Iveco 8061 SRM 24 marine engine, now available at THT. Delivering a robust 240HP at 2700rpm, this reliable engine has done a genuine 960 hours of operation, originating from an ex-pleasure vessel. Meticulously serviced and primed for new adventures, the package includes a convenient control panel and a generous 7-meter extension harness. This engine represents a stellar opportunity to enhance your marine experience with a trustworthy and well-maintained powerhouse. Contact us at THT Sales to seize this marine marvel and set sail with confidence.

This Iveco 8061 SRM 24 would also operate well with the Iveco 8061 SRM27 as a pair for twin-engine vessels with

Priced at $15,000, plus GST.


  • Key Features
  • 240HP @ 2700rpm
  • Genuine 960 hours
  • $15000 + GST