Rebuilt and Ready to Go. The Iveco Fiat 8061 SRM30.10 is an excellent and reliable mechanical fuel injected engine.

Excellent power to weight ratio and featuring Bosch fuel system and Holset turbocharger these engines are a little powerhouse.

The is engine has been fully rebuilt and produces 300Hp @ 2700rpm. The 8061 SRM30 has an SAE3 bellhousing and 11.5″ flywheel and will suit most gearboxes. An excellent engine for repower as a very cost effective way to provide reliability for any vessel.

  • Key Features
  • FPT Iveco 8061 SRM 30.10
  • Inline 6 Cylinder
  • 300Hp @ 2700rpm
  • 5.9 Litre Displacement
  • Mechanical Fuel Injection
  • Rebuilt
  • 575kg Dry Weight
  • Comes with Analogue Control Panel and Extension Harness
  • SAE3 Bellhousing and 11.5" Flywheel