Flexball Electronic Throttle Controls offers the latest electronic technology to control marine engines and gearboxes. Extremely responsive and reliable, the Flexball system is an alternative and perfect replacement to the more traditional morse cable or hynautic control systems. The Flexball 4500-MM22 is a system suitable for control of 2x Mechanical Engines and 2x Mechanical Gearboxes. It connects via CANBus to 2x Flexball 4500 Single Throttle Station.

This system will suit any make and model of marine engine and marine gearbox. The Flexball 4500-MM22 offers extremely smooth feel and operates providing extreme precision control all the way through the rpm range from idle to full throttle. The feel the the Flexball throttle is much more refined than any hynautics or morse cable system and is a lot more responsive to small adjustments.

The 4500-MM22 system is multivolt 9-32V. The 2x actuator boxes are mounted within the engine room and 2x morse cables (per actuator box) are connected between the actuator box and the engine throttle and gearbox actuator for both the port and starboard engine. The 4500-MM22 system also has the ability to override the electric motors and move the levers on the side of the actuator box by hand in the event of a power failure, so you know you will always be able to get home.

Extremely easy to install and calibrate. Flexball Electronic Throttle Controls can easily be retro fitted to any existing marine engine.

The 4500-MM22 kit includes everything you need electrically. The only component not included are the 4x morse cables which connect between actuator boxes to throttles and actuator boxes to gearboxes. We always highly recommend these be made locally to custom length.


  • System can be increased up to 4x throttle stations
  • Trim Switch and Wiring – Suitable to control trim tabs or sterndrive trim.

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You can purchase this Flexball Throttle Control system here.

  • Key Features
  • 2x Actuator Boxes - 9-32V
  • 2x Actuator Box Supply Plugs
  • 2x 4500 Dual Lever Throttle
  • 2x T-Splitter
  • 1x 3m CANBus Extension Harness
  • 2x 10m CANBus Extension Harness
  • 1x Installation Manual
  • Note: Morse cables not included
  • Available Ratings More info
  • Suits 2x Mechanical Engines and 2x Mechanical Gearboxes
  • Pleasure or Commercial Duty
  • Suitable for all make and model or marine engines and gearboxes