Vessel Make: Prestige 40 Flybridge Cruiser
Vessel Weight: 12 - 15T
Old Engine Caterpillar 3208 V8
New Engine: FPT NEF N67 280
New Engine Power: 280Hp @2800rpm
Vessel Gearbox: Existing Twin Disc MG502 1.54:1
Vessel Cruise Speed: 15kn @2200rpm
Max Speed: 24kn @2800rpm

In a bold and transformative move, THT supplied the ideal engines for the Prestige 40 Flybridge Cruiser vessel, Tenacity, after a harrowing incident where its previous Caterpillar 3208 V8 engines succumbed to a fire. The solution? Installing two new FPT NEF 280 marine engines, setting a new standard for power, performance, and reliability.

The project began with a complete strip-down of the vessel, allowing the installation of the new FPT marine engines, crafting the ultimate flybridge cruiser. Despite its hefty 12 to 15-tonne weight, Tenacity now boasts a propulsion system that effortlessly propels it through the water. The existing Twin Disc MG502 gearbox was meticulously rebuilt and reinstalled to seamlessly integrate with the new engines.

The FPT NEF 280 marine engines, renowned for their robust performance and compact design, proved to be the perfect choice for Tenacity. These in-line 6-cylinder mechanical engines, with a 6.7-liter displacement, deliver a potent combination of power and efficiency.

One of the most exhilarating features of the NEF 280 engines is their ability to provide a punchy acceleration, causing Tenacity to leap out of the water when the turbo kicks in. Despite this thrilling performance, the engines operate with a remarkable level of quietness and comfort, ensuring a serene experience for all aboard.

During sea trials, Tenacity showcased its newfound prowess, achieving a cruising speed of 15 knots at 2200 rpm and a maximum speed of 24 knots at 2800 rpm. These impressive results highlight the NEF 280 engines’ ability to meet and exceed the demands of a 40-foot hull boat.

The installation of FPT NEF 280 marine engines has not only revitalised Tenacity, but has also established it as a premier example of power and performance on the water. This successful partnership between THT and FPT engines demonstrates the remarkable capabilities of these engines and their ability to transform vessels into extraordinary machines.

Watch the Video below:

Prestige 40 boat engine repower to FPT marine engines
Prestige 40 boat engine repower to FPT marine engines
Prestige 40 boat engine repower to FPT marine engines
Prestige 40 boat engine repower to FPT marine engines