Vehicle: Hino 500 FE
Job: Full Logbook Service
Job: Repair ABS Issue
Job: Full ECU Diagnostics, Standard Service and Diagnostics

Servicing is a regular part of ensuring a vehicle has a long, breakdown-free life. Tuart Hill Trucks are proud to manage a fleet of Tilt Tray tow trucks. In this instance, we had two trucks presented for work.

The first truck required a full logbook service. We conduct an extremely thorough service which includes:

  • Replacing engine Oil Filter and engine oil, (we choose Valvoline products as they meet and exceed all vehicle requirements).
  • Replace Fuel Filter and bleed the fuel system
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Grease Driveline and Suspension Systems
  • Grease Tilt Tray moving components
  • Check Hydraulic Oil
  • Adjust Drum Brakes, Handbrake and Clutch (if applicable)
  • Replace Gearbox Oil and Rear Differential Oil
  • Diagnose ECU to check for any faults
  • Inflate Tyres
  • Clean Windscreen (a nice little touch)
  • As well as a full check-over of all systems to make sure there are no other issues present.

The second Hino presented with intermittent ABS light on the dash, as well as having issues with the front brakes. We replaced the faulty ABS sensor on the front left wheel, as well as replaced the linings on the brake shoes (front axle) and had the drums skimmed. Ensuring a truck’s braking system is working well is essential, especially for city trucks which spend a lot of time stopping and starting. Our excellent multi-vehicle diagnostics equipment lets us plug in and test all makes and models of trucks.