VESSEL Dyna 50
OLD ENGINES Detroit 6V92 (550Hp)
NEW ENGINES FPT C90 620 (550Hp @ 2530rpm)
GEARBOXES Twin Disc MG 5091 (1.71:1 Ratio)
DRIVE Shaft Drive

Deb A Del

This Dyna 50 required replacement engines for the 6V56TA engines which had well passed their use by date.

The choice of engine was made based upon the power to weight ratio, compact size, ease of installation as well as low fuel consumption and cleaner burning (no black smoke on the transom). The engines which met this criteria was the FPT Cursor 90 set at 550Hp @ 2530rpm.

The client elected to reuse the existing gearboxes, as well as shafts and props. As a result, THT custom adapted the Twin Disc MG 5091 gearboxes to the C90.

The results of this installation was effortless pleasure cruising as these engines are so refined you barely know they are running. Fuel consumption dramatically reduced and there is not a whiff of black smoke on the transom.

Optional extras installed on this vessel were the Flexball Electronic Throttle Controls and The Deluxe FPT Digital Control Panel.

The owner finds using these engines as he travels to and from Rottnest a pleasure.

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