Vessel Make: Cruiser Yacht 3750 Motoryacht
Vessel Weight: 15T Heavy ship
Old Engine Caterpillar 3116
New Engine: FPT NEF 450
New Engine Power: Derated to 370Hp @3000rpm
Vessel Gearbox: ZF IRM 220A-1
Vessel Cruise & Max Speed: 20kn @2350rpm & 28kn @3000rpm
Fuel Burn: 36 to 37lph @2350rpm per engine

In a strategic move to enhance performance and reliability, THT was called upon to repower a Cruiser Yacht 3750 motoryacht, transforming it into a powerhouse of modern marine technology. The vessel, originally equipped with two Caterpillar 3116 engines set to 350HP, faced a setback when one engine failed. The most economical option THT found was the opportunity to not only replace the failed engine but also propel the vessel forward in technological advancements.

To ensure an efficient repower that maximised value, THT opted to reuse the existing gearboxes, shafts, propellers, exhaust system, and seawater system, resulting in substantial cost savings for the customer. The choice of 6.7-liter displacement engines, renowned for their superior torque, was essential for propelling a vessel of this size with ease.

The results were nothing short of impressive. The new engines not only delivered excellent fuel economy but also enhanced performance. The Cruiser Yacht 3750 now effortlessly gets out onto the plane at around 2200rpm, a testament to the engines’ power and efficiency. With a fuel consumption of 36 to 37 liters per hour per engine, the vessel maintains an optimal balance between power and economy.

During sea trials, the Cruiser Yacht 3750 surpassed expectations, achieving a cruise speed of 20 knots at 2350rpm. The maximum speed reached an impressive 28 knots at 3000rpm, showcasing the newfound capabilities of the vessel. These remarkable results highlight the effectiveness of THT’s repower solution and the quality of the engines selected.

Not only do the new engines provide immediate benefits, but they are also built to last, offering great long-life and reliability. This successful repower project is a testament to THT’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the marine industry, ensuring that vessels like the Cruiser Yacht 3750 continue to operate at the highest level of performance and efficiency.


Cruiser yacht installed with 2 FPT NEF 450 engines
Cruiser yacht installed with 2 FPT NEF 450 engines
Cruiser yacht installed with 2 FPT NEF 450 engines
Cruiser yacht installed with 2 FPT NEF 450 engines